Easy Pickled Veggies - Fork and Beans

Easy Pickled Veggies

Time :

Prep time : 15M, Cook time : 5M, Total : 20M



  Easy Pickled Veggies The ever-so scary thing about change is never knowing where it will lead you. I have a particularly different time with change (probably just like everyone else because not only for the first sentence but also because it takes me awhile to adjust to (probably also just like everyone else. That limbo part can...Read More

  • Produce

    • 2 Carrots

    • 1/4 cup Cauliflower florets

    • 1 Cucumber

    • 4 Dill weed strands

    • 2 Garlic cloves

  • Baking & Spices

    • 1 tsp Coconut sugar

    • 1 tbsp Mustard seeds

    • 1 tbsp Mustard seeds, brown

    • 1/2 tsp Salt

  • Oils & Vinegars

    • 1/3 cup Apple cider vinegar

  • Liquids

    • 1 cup Water

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Easy Pickled Veggies - Fork and Beans
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